Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on 15th April 1469 AD on the day of a full moon at Talwandi of Rai Bhoi. This place is located in the Sheikhpura district of Pakistan. This holy place is now called Nankana Sahib. Guru Nanak’s father’s name was Mehta Kalu and his mother’s name was Tripta Devi.

Even great scholars were influenced by Guru Nanak in his childhood. He never turned the saints and fakirs away from the door.

Guru Nanak’s father sent him to study at the age of 5. Guru’s first teacher was Gopal. The teachers started imparting business education to the Guru. At that time Guru Nanak wrote a poem praising the Creator of the universe on the board.

While Guru Nanak was still teaching, it was decided to give birth to him. Guru Nanak was nine years old at the time. Pandit Ji asked Guru Nanak to sit in front of him and then he asked him to bow his head in front of the idol but he flatly refused. I need genitalia, not for my body, but for my soul Be made The farmer complained to Guru Nanak’s father and asked him to pay the fine Once Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to graze cattle, he left the cattle for grazing and he himself became absorbed in devotion to the Lord. Mehta Kalu admitted his son’s mistake and agreed to pay the farmers a fine but Guru Nanak assured his father that no farmer’s field was harmed if he wanted to go and see. This turned out to be true. When Mehta Kalu Ji and the farmers came to see the fields, they were ashamed to see that all the fields were green and left.

Mehta Kalu then planned to turn his son into a businessman. They sent Nanak for twenty rupees to make a real deal. On the way, Guru Nanak met three saints who had been hungry for three days. So Guru Nanak spent twenty rupees to feed the hungry saints and returned empty-handed. Seeing all this, Mehta Kalu Ji became very angry. This incident is famous in Sikh history as Sacha Sauda.

Mehta Kalu married Guru Ji to Sulakhni Devi, daughter of Moolchand, a resident of Batala. The Guru had two sons, Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das.

When Guru Nanak was twenty years old, his father sent him to his son-in-law Jai Ram for a job. Due to Jai Ram, Guru Nanak Dev Ji got a job in Nawab Daulat Khan’s Modikhana but Guru Ji remained absorbed in his devotion and distributed food grains to anyone who came to get the goods without taking any money. The servants complained to the Nawab about the Guru. After checking, the grain was more than before.

While living in Sultanpur, Guru Ji used to go for a daily bath in Veni. One day he went for a bath and disappeared for three days. At this time they attained true knowledge. After acquiring knowledge, Guru Ji did not utter the words of any Hindu or Muslim. After this Guru Ji made many yatras. The purpose of these yatras was to eradicate the widespread ignorance and superstition among the people. Guru Nanak preached one community and one God during these journeys. Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent one year of his life in these journeys.

Guru Nanak founded a city called Kartarpur where he spent the last days of his life. Guru Nanak passed away in 1539 AD.

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